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Getting Started

Welcome to the Web3modalπŸ“± Guide.

The Web3Modal SDK allows you to easily connect your Web3 app with wallets. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for requesting actions such as signing transactions and interacting with smart contracts on the blockchain.

In this guide, you will learn how to set up Walletconnect with web3js.



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npm install web3modal-web3js web3js


import { createWeb3Modal, defaultConfig } from 'web3modal-web3/react'

// 1. Get projectId, Your Project ID can be obtained from
const projectId = 'YOUR_PROJECT_ID'

// 2. Set chains
const mainnet = {
chainId: 1,
name: 'Ethereum',
currency: 'ETH',
explorerUrl: '',
rpcUrl: ''

// 3. Create a metadata object
const metadata = {
name: 'My Website',
description: 'My Website description',
url: '', // origin must match your domain & subdomain
icons: ['']

// 4. Create web3 config
const web3Config = defaultConfig({

enableEIP6963: true, // true by default
enableInjected: true, // true by default
enableCoinbase: true, // true by default
rpcUrl: '...', // used for the Coinbase SDK
defaultChainId: 1, // used for the Coinbase SDK

// 5. Create a Web3Modal instance
chains: [mainnet],
enableAnalytics: true // Optional - defaults to your Cloud configuration

export default function App() {
return <YourApp />

Triggering the modal​

export default function ConnectButton() {
return <w3m-button/>

Smart Contract Interaction​

Web3js can help us interact with wallets and smart contracts:

import Web3 from 'web3';
import { ERC20ABI } from './contracts/ERC20';

const USDTAddress = '0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7';

function Components() {
const { isConnected } = useWeb3ModalAccount()
const { walletProvider } = useWeb3ModalProvider()
const [USDTBalance, setUSDTBalance] = useState(0);
const [smartContractName, setSmartContractName] = useState('');

async function getContractInfo() {
if (!isConnected) throw Error('not connected');
const web3 = new Web3({
provider: walletProvider,
config: { defaultNetworkId: chainId },
const contract = new web3.eth.Contract(ERC20ABI, USDTAddress);
const balance = await contract.methods.balanceOf(address).call();
const name = (await as string;

return <> <button onClick={getContractInfo}>Get User Balance and Contract name</button> <p> Balance: {USDTBalance} smartContractName: {smartContractName}</p></>

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