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ReferenceError: Can't find variable: BigInt using React

Occasionally, users encounter errors in web3.js due to external dependencies, which may seem challenging to resolve within the web3.js framework alone.

Resolution Steps:

  1. Install rn-nodeify as a development dependency:
yarn add --dev rn-nodeify
  1. Add the big-integer package:
yarn add big-integer
  1. Create a file named shim.js at the root of your project and include the following polyfill:
if (typeof BigInt === 'undefined') {
global.BigInt = require('big-integer');
  1. Import shim.js at the top of your App.js:
// Make sure you use `import` and not `require`!
import './shim.js'

Additional Info:

Facebook/React-native Issue #28492


Web3.js v4 course

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