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Welcome to the web3.js Plugins Guide, an exciting new feature introduced in web3.js v4! In addition to the core web3.js libraries, plugins bring specialized functionalities tailored for end-users (functionalities that you, as a developer, can create). These enhancements may involve creating wrappers for specific contracts, adding extra features to RPC methods, or extending the capabilities of web3.js methods. Dive in and explore this innovative addition to web3.js v4!

Plugin Showcase

Tokens Plugin

  • npm i @chainsafe/web3-plugin-tokens
  • Description: Plugin to extend web3.js with additional methods to interact with common token interfaces (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155...)
  • Author: Peter Grassberger & ChainSafe

Craftsman Plugin

  • npm i web3-plugin-craftsman
  • Description: web3.js plugin allowing instantiation of contract objects directly from Solidity source code
  • Author: Muhammad-Altabba

Optimism Plugin

Near Protocol Plugin

Aurora Engine Plugin

Superfluid Plugin