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Wagmi Web3js Adapter

Reference Implementation

If you're using Wagmi and want to add web3.js, use this code in your project. This snippet will help you to convert a Viem client to a web3.js instance for signing transactions and interacting with the blockchain:

import {Web3} from 'web3'
import {useMemo} from 'react'
import type {Chain, Client, Transport} from 'viem'
import {type Config, useClient, useConnectorClient} from 'wagmi'

export function clientToWeb3js(client?: Client<Transport, Chain>) {
if (!client) {
return new Web3()

const {transport} = client

if (transport.type === 'fallback') {
return new Web3(transport.transports[0].value.url)
return new Web3(transport)

/** Action to convert a viem Client to a web3.js Instance. */
export function useWeb3js({chainId}: { chainId?: number } = {}) {
const client = useClient<Config>({chainId})
return useMemo(() => clientToWeb3js(client), [client])

/** Action to convert a viem ConnectorClient to a web3.js Instance. */
export function useWeb3jsSigner({chainId}: { chainId?: number } = {}) {
const {data: client} = useConnectorClient<Config>({chainId})
return useMemo(() => clientToWeb3js(client), [client])

Usage examples

Get block data example:

import {useWeb3js} from '../web3/useWeb3js'
import {mainnet} from 'wagmi/chains'
import {useEffect, useState} from "react";

type Block = {
hash: string
extraData: string
miner: string


function Block() {
const web3js = useWeb3js({chainId:})
const [block, setBlock] = useState<Block>()

useEffect(() => {
web3js.eth.getBlock(19235006).then((b) => {
setBlock(b as Block)
}, [setBlock]);

if (!block) return (<div>Loading...</div>)

return (
<div id='hash'>{block.hash}</div>
<div id='extraData'>{block.extraData}</div>
<div id='miner'>{block.miner}</div>


export default Block

Send transaction example:

import {mainnet} from 'wagmi/chains'
import {useAccount, useConnect} from "wagmi";
import {useWeb3jsSigner} from "../web3/useWeb3js";
import {useEffect} from "react";

function SendTransaction() {
const account = useAccount()
const {connectors, connect,} = useConnect()
const web3js = useWeb3jsSigner({chainId:})

useEffect(() => {
if (account && account.address) {
from: account.address,
to: '0x', // some address
value: '0x1' // set your value
}, [account])

return (
{ => (
onClick={() => connect({connector})}

export default SendTransaction


This repository contains an example Wagmi app that demonstrates how to interact with the Ethereum blockchain using the web3.js library