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web3.eth.ens Migration Guide

Breaking Changes

  • All the API level interfaces returning or accepting null in 1.x, use undefined in 4.x.
  • Functions don't accept a callback anymore.
  • Functions that accepted an optional TransactionConfig as the last argument, now accept an optional NonPayableCallOptions. See web3-eth-contract package for more details.
  • List of web3-eth-ens set functions are removed in 4.x


  • The receipt object the event listener receives:
    • Returns a BigInt instead of a number for the following properties:
      • transactionIndex
      • blockNumber
      • cumulativeGasUsed
      • gasUsed
      • effectiveGasPrice
    • Returns a BigInt instead of a boolean for the following properties:
      • status


  • In 1.x ens was trying to find the registry address of the current network. In 4.x the default value is set to the address of registry address in the mainnet.


  • registry was the way to get the ENS registry in 1.x. In 4.x the registry functionality is exposed directly through the ens class.


  • resolver was already deprecated in the latest versions of 1.x. In 4.x it doesn't exist, use getResolver instead.


  • In 1.x documentation it is mentioned that name,txConfig and callback are the function arguments. This is wrong, since there is one more argument, address. So the right signature is setOwner(name: string, address: string, txConfig?: TransactionConfig | undefined, callback?: ....). The same applies for 4.x, too.


  • In 4.x a bigint is returned instead of a number.

Removed functions

-   `getMultihash` is not supported in web3-eth-ens 4.x as it's deprecated in ENS public resolver
- Following functions are not supported in web3-eth-ens 4.x :