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web3.eth.abi Migration Guide

Breaking Changes

  • AbiInput has moved from web3-eth-utils to web3-eth-abi

  • type AbiInput attribute was renamed to baseType from internalType.

In 1.x:

export interface AbiInput {
name: string;
type: string;
indexed?: boolean;
components?: AbiInput[];
internalType?: string;

In 4.x:

export type AbiInput = string | AbiParameter | { readonly [key: string]: unknown };
// where AbiParameter is ...

export type AbiParameter = {
readonly name: string;
readonly type: string;
readonly baseType?: string;
readonly indexed?: boolean;
readonly components?: ReadonlyArray<AbiParameter>;
readonly arrayLength?: number;
readonly arrayChildren?: ReadonlyArray<AbiParameter>;